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Today I was thinking, I need to do more than one genre a day.  Today was my birthday, so many of my pictures are birthday related :-).

From the business category, my 3 cent check from Ahold for the check genre:

From the Ephemera category, some of my birthday cards for the greeting card genre:

And several from the Internet or Digital category:

A text from my brother with the “Happy Birthday” song (it must have taken him an hour to type that!) for the text message genre:

This should look familiar for the blog genre!

The OLPC Wiki for the wiki genre:

Looking at these digital genres, I wonder what new ones will be added by next year at this time.  Tomorrow I will probably collect the rest of the digital genre and then I will list them all together so you can see if you agree or disagree with the list I found.

Enjoy the weekend!

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