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Save the BECPL!

Catt. Co is proposing cuts to their funding to the libraries!


• Barnes and Noble offers training for libraries on displays and merchandising.

• 10% off coupons at Barnes and Nobles for library fund raisers

• Mount Laurel New Jersey Extreme Library Makeover – article with pictures:

• Marketing!!!! Change displays with the news.

• How do we connect our value to the funding? Must market ourselves and our value.

• Information Literacy to promote databases. Patrons tend not to use databases. They would rather not use it over Google.

• Use the word journal instead of online databases – less intimidating – “Journal article” more used term in homework assignments.

• How do we show our value to the public? What can we do to make public aware that the “free” services are not really free? And promote the value of the time we are saving them by being trained professionals who know how to search and locate things? Perception that the library is free – need to show the value or money the patron saved by using the library.

• Devil Advocate’s Thought (not mine): Drop the Electronic databases for the public and just give access to the librarians. Would this save us money?

• We as a profession need a better definition of what we do.

• Need to do outreach – go out to other places and show what we have.

• $2.5 million spent by NYS on the NOVEL database

• No one wants to know how to find things – they just want it.

• Biggest growing customer bases in Public Libraries according to a Pew survey is 18-25 year olds.

• Do we have a link on our OPAC to DVDs? Is there anywhere that shows that we have DVDs and CDs other than the material designation? Patrons should be able to find those materials easily.

• NYLA Organizational membership

• Friends Group Organizational Membership

• Votes are won every day at the Reference and Circ desks.

• Target audience has to become not just our public but the administrators, etc.

• Education is not the magic bullet

• Must act like professionals for people to know we are professionals. Must constantly let people know that we are professionals.

• People must repeat something 7 times in order to learn things.

• With OPAC – what attracts your eye – what makes you go to a display? Make that work for the library. Gen X and Millenials have a different perception as to what design should look from Baby Boomers. Boomers want something that looks like a print copy but Gen X and Younger are used to web design. They do not like a lot of white space.

• Send out a consistent message across the board.

• There needs to be a consciousness to let people know the value of what we have just done for them. You need to be consistent in the way you put it out there. Constant repetition to your constituents.

• Look at patron expectations over the past year and a half and anticipate what will be needed in the next 6 months.

• Need to develop a pit bull mentality toward the budgets in NY.

• Part of our job as librarians is lobbying.

• Need to ask for release time to go lobby in Albany.

• Libraries getting 11% below what they are suppose to be getting. CCDA money cut by 8%.

•NYLA  just contracted with NYSUT for lobbying.

Dear Library Advocate,

The Legislative Special Session ended yesterday with no agreement between the Governor and the state Legislature on futher mid-year budget cuts.  NYLA’s Library Rally at the Capitol yesterday, which brought 450 library advocates to Albany, showed state policymakers in a very visible, loud and forceful (but law abiding) manner, that the library community would not stand for any further cuts in funding.

I want to thank everyone who came to the Rally and sent letters to the Governor and members of the Legislature, especially those libraries and library systems who sent busloads of advocates to the Capitol, which insured the success of our Rally.

Coverage of our Rally and other protests was quite extensive by television (see below) and pictures from the rally can be found on our website at <>

If local media in your area also covered the Rally, please send us the link or if you took photos at the Rally, please email them to us for posting on our website.   Special thanks to our new President Josh Cohen and Legislative Committee Chair Kevin Verbesey for serving as emcees of the Rally.

The Governor proposes to release his 2009-2010 Executive Budget on December 16th, which will undoubtedly call for additional cuts in Library Aid.  It is also still unclear when the remaining $26 million in undistributed Library Aid from the 2008-09 State Budget will be released.  NYLA will keep you informed of any developments in this ongoing budget saga.

Advocacy is not a sprint, but a marathon, and we must keep pace with events as they unfold and prepared to take action on a moments notice.

Michael J. Borges
Executive Director
New York Library Association
252 Hudson Avenue
Albany, New York 12210
(518) 432-6952, ext. 101
(518) 427-1697 Fax
Dear Library Advocate,

I want you to get really angry, I mean really fed up with the way libraries and library systems are being treated by the State of New York.  The NYS Division of Budget has proposed a $20 million cut, that’s right the largest cut ever in Library Aid, a 20% reduction in funding, that no other educational institutions are being asked to bear, to resolve the state’s deficit for fiscal year 2008-09.

This cut will be devastating to library services throughout the state, no library or system will go unscathed, if this happens layoffs may occur, services will be curtailed or costs passed onto to local libraries and their patrons.

I urge you to go our website immediately and click on Contact Your Elected Official button to send a letter to your state legislator opposing this proposed cut that the Legislature will consider when they return to Albany on November 18th for a special session.  The letter is editable so you may include your own comments about how libraries are essential in your community, how library systems save your library money and provide vital services.  Or call/visit your legislators in person if possible between now and next Tuesday.

The library community needs to act now in a strong, aggressive and united fashion in order to prevent this outrageous proposal from becoming reality.

Michael J. Borges
Executive Director
New York Library Association
252 Hudson Avenue
Albany, New York 12210
(518) 432-6952, ext. 101
(518) 427-1697 Fax
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