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I didn’t post anything last night because I had misplaced my camera which made me very upset.  My niece is visiting from Florida with her 5 month old baby and my camera is full pictures of the baby.  After I saw them yesterday, I made several stops, including Lowes, so when I could not find the camera last night I was panicked!  But I found it today in my backpack.  I must have put it there when I got home yesterday, but I did not remember putting it there.

Here are today’s genres:

Web site genre – this is a picture of the home page of the Olean Public Library’s web site.  It can be found at

The next genre is the podcast genre.  Since I can’t really “show” a podcast – I decided to provide a picture of our podcast page.  I just started doing podcasts this year for the library.  We record our presenters and then edit the podcast before putting them up on the web.  People can subscribe to our podcast and have them delivered whenever a new one is put up!

If you would like to see what podcasts are available – check out

Both these genres are part of the digital category.

And now for one final genre – in the AWWW category – the cute baby genre:

Ok – I made that one up, but you have to admit – he is a cute baby!:-)

Today I was thinking, I need to do more than one genre a day.  Today was my birthday, so many of my pictures are birthday related :-).

From the business category, my 3 cent check from Ahold for the check genre:

From the Ephemera category, some of my birthday cards for the greeting card genre:

And several from the Internet or Digital category:

A text from my brother with the “Happy Birthday” song (it must have taken him an hour to type that!) for the text message genre:

This should look familiar for the blog genre!

The OLPC Wiki for the wiki genre:

Looking at these digital genres, I wonder what new ones will be added by next year at this time.  Tomorrow I will probably collect the rest of the digital genre and then I will list them all together so you can see if you agree or disagree with the list I found.

Enjoy the weekend!

So, today I was looking up literary genres and found a nice long list of literary genres and print genres.  Some of these I had never thought of as genres.  I decided that I will go through the whole list finding at least one example of each genre.

Let’s start with an unusual, but easy one today.  Under the category of personal:

T-shirt Text

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