The Congregational Archivist is appointed by the Congregational Leadership and is responsible to the Associate Minister. The appointment is for a four-year term and may be re-appointed for consecutive terms.  Periodically, the Archivist meets with the Associate Minister to determine needs of the Archives.  The person appointed as Archivist must possess the following qualifications: professional archival training and/or equivalent experience; commitment to the task of preservation of materials; historical perspective and above average writing skills.


  • Collect, process and make available the records and historical manuscripts of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany for use of those who have a legitimate need and present an authorized request to use the collection.
  • Accept the records no longer needed in the Generalate offices; to examine such, arrange and process them; and to prepare finding aides to help in the use of these documents.
  • Plan and arrange for the retirement of important, outdated records of the Congregation on a continuing basis.
  • Act as a general resource person who assists with special studies and projects at the request of the Congregational Leadership, Generalate Staff and/or other organizations.
  • Create a list of collections in the Archives and update new acquisitions, as needed.
  • Ensure that the physical and environmental aspects of the Archives are such that the collections are preserved safely and in conformity with accepted archival standards.
  • Periodically examine archival material for the purpose of repair and continued preservation.
  • Formulate regulations for the internal and external use of the Archives.
  • Maintain a record of research requests and archival services rendered.
  • Report on archival practices and operations; maintain monthly reports to assist in the compilation of the Congregational Report to Chapter, which are submitted to the Council.
  • Maintain data bases of Congregational statistics and prepare an annual Statistical Report.
  • Prepare an annual budget and financial report.
  • Negotiate with the various houses and ministries for the transfer of materials to the Archives and provide the necessary means for the transfer.
  • Develop a standardized filing and record retention system for Generalate offices, local houses and sponsored ministries.
  • Maintain the displays in the Heritage Room.
  • Prepare a pictorial display of a Sister’s life at the time of her death.
  • Provide tours of the Archives, give presentations, and use other means to promote and keep the Congregation and others aware of the Archives and its holdings.
  • Attend meetings, workshops and/or conventions for personal and professional development, as well as representation of the Congregation.
  • Respond to any requests of your immediate supervisor.


Candidate for the position must possess outstanding writing and computer skills.  She/he must be a self initiator and be open to new and creative ways to respond to the above responsibilities.

Budget and Finances

An annual budget will be prepared and submitted to the Associate Minister for approval.  All other financial requests are to be submitted according to the General Treasury procedures.

Salary and Benefits


Please send letter of application and resume by March 1, 2012 to:

Sister Mary Lou Lafferty, OSF

P O Box W

St. Bonaventure, NY 14778





Job Title:  Director of Communications

General Summary:  Responsible for managing the development, implementation, and coordination of internal and external public relations and communications strategies with the goal of promoting the charism and mission of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, in accordance with the Mission and Vision Statements and Chapter decisions/statements.  Promote a positive image of women religious.

Reports to:  Congregational Leadership Liaison


Major Responsibilities:

Media Relations:

  • Establish systems for disseminating information to the appropriate media in a timely manner
  • Develop relationships with internal/external sources for the purpose of furthering the mission of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany
  • Develop crisis communication plan
  • Facilitate recognition of the Congregational mission in the media
  • Write and submit announcements to appropriate media outlets



  • Edit and publish monthly newsletter – Allegany Connections
  • Publicize community events when appropriate
  • Maintain,  coordinate and update the Allegany website
  • Photograph individuals/functions for archival or publication purposes
  • Provide communication for committees/individuals as designated by Congregational Leadership
  • Liaison between the Congregation and selected organizations
  • Prepare an annual budget for the Communications Office
  • Keep professionally updated through membership in appropriate professional organizations and continuing education
  • Other duties as requested.



  • Understanding or willingness to develop an understanding of the mission of a religious congregation of women, in particular that of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany,  and the ability to support and accurately communicate the image and mission to internal/external constituencies
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in communication, public relations, or related field
  • At least two years experience in public relations, marketing, communications or related field
  • Superior and creative oral and written communication and presentation skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work with multiple constituencies
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines
  • Computer proficiency
  • Photography experience desired but not required
  • Willingness to attend/participate in public relations and related functions that occur outside normal working hours
  • Willingness to travel, if necessary


Salary and Benefits




Please send letter of application and resume by March 1, 2012 to:


M. Avril Chin Fatt, OSF

P O Box W

St. Bonaventure, NY 14778