Today was so disjointed for me.  As I previously stated, my commute to work is an hour and a quarter to an our and a half.  (In an area known for its 20 minute commutes, this is not the norm.)  I work in a library that is co central with another library in the neighboring county (about an hour away in a different direction). There was a system meeting at that library this morning.  So, I drove to my library in order to carpool to the other library.  I started my day by being in a car for about 2 1/2 hours.  At least we are having an unusually mild winter this year and there wasn’t any snow to deal with.

The meeting today was with a book vendor who was show casing the cataloging and processing services they could provide for our system.  It was interesting.  Call me a skeptic, but the thought of someone offering “collection development help” when they are not involved with your patrons everyday or even part of the community makes me a little nervous.  Right now it is just lists that suggest titles, but I feel that there is a potential there for nefarious and questionable practices there sometime in the future.  (Kind of like Amazon finally making their Kindle compatible with Overdrive but then finding out that they track what their users have read when using the public library check outs.)  No commitments or decisions were made, so we will see what the outcome is.

When I got back to work, I grabbed  a quick lunch at my desk while reading Library Journal.  I remembered half way through lunch that today was February 1st – the beginning of Library Lovers Month.  I have a box of bags to have the Circulation Desk hand out that state “I ❤ my Library”.  I set out with a handful of bags and was reminded that even though I wasn’t “officially” on Reference today, your Reference duties never end when you are a librarian.  I was stopped about three times before I got to the Circulation Desk with the bags.  The kids who were checking out books at the time when I brought the bags up were so excited to get a “special” library bag.

Today I also had to get books ready for delivery tomorrow.  Every Monday and Thursday a truck comes to pick up books that patrons have requested from other libraries and drop off books our patrons have requested or that are being returned from other libraries.  The truck usually gets there before we officially open in the morning, so we have all the boxes and bags packed on Wednesday nights.  We actually lend out a ton of material to other libraries.

We have a new videoconferencing unit that was part of the grant I am in charge of.  We haven’t been able to call out since they installed it in late December.  We have opened every port, allowed it through the firewall, etc.  Today the technician was suppose to come and check on it (finally!), but we received an e-mail that he had come down with the flu and had to reschedule.  (It took us weeks to get this appt. set up.)  So, we will see how soon he can make it and hopefully we will be able to use our new equipment soon.

One thing I can say for sure – working in a public library is never dull!