Wednesdays are my late days.  My reference shift is 6-9pm and I have to lock up the library.  It is nice because I don’t have to get up at 6:15am, but odd in the fact that I get home after 10pm and eat dinner then (or a form of dinner).

When I got to work today, I was met by another huge pile of holds.  This week has been crazy with holds.  Here is a picture of the holds going out tomorrow.  This has just been since Monday afternoon – 6 boxes and 2 bags of materials to be sent out tomorrow morning.  It is certainly going to help ou circulation stats!

After doing my daily ritual of checking the social media sites and updating them, I started to review the Library Journal that was sitting in my mailbox.  There was an interesting article on the use of Google Wave in libraries.  I have Google Wave and think there are a lot of potential uses for this including e-mail/IM reference.  One of the best hints the article gave was a search string to find public waves dealing with libraries.  In the search box type (without the “” marks): “with:public title:library | title:libraries”.

I also ordered some books in that were listed in publication.  I just took over the Biography collection and I ordered quite a few biographies.  I also received some extra money this year to update our medical section and I ordered some new books for that section also.

Also in LJ there were some web sites that pertained to gaming.  I received the green light this year to start a gaming collection, so I started to review the web sites that had some free games on them.  I didn’t like quite a few of them, so it was good that I reviewed them before I put them up as recommended web sites (just because it is in LJ doesn’t always mean it is golden!)

While on the reference desk tonight my most interesting question was “how do I make gravy.”  My method usually involves opening a jar from the supermarket, but I had a feeling that was not what the patron want!  😉

Here is a picture of some of the brochures that I make (including The Lost Symbol one that I finished yesterday).

Today was also National Chocolate Cake day.  I made sure that all our Facebook and Twitter followers knew that.  I usually share any interesting holidays and facts with our followers as well as a word of the day.  Patrons seem to enjoy the word of the day quite a bit.

Well, I have to start again tomorrow at 9am, which means I have to get up at 6:15am.  My reference shift tomorrow is from 9-12:30pm and I have to receive the delivery, so I will have a busy morning.  I better get to bed!