Let me start this post by saying I blame Jame Patterson for my poor performance on the Jeopardy online test tonight.  There was a question on I, Alex Cross which is a popular book right now.  I could picture the cover of the book but not the author.  The Jeopardy test is 50 questions long and around question 45 I remembered James Patterson, but not only was it too late to answer the question – the fact that I was frustrated about that screwed up my concentration for the rest of the test.

On the way to work this morning I finished The Lost Symbol. I have to say it was not my favorite Dan Brown novel and I felt it was bit too long; however it does have the potential to spark people’s interest in some topics that maybe they have never thought about.

The first thing I did this morning was work on holds that were pulled last night.  Our hold shelf is getting full and we just sent out a shipment on Monday.  School is back and session and it is cold outside – I guess books are popular this week!

After holds I went back to my computer and updated our Facebook page and our Twitter page.  I also did my morning search of Twitter to see if anything had been said about the library.  I printed our the Wireless Access Policy Brochures I made yesterday and put them on display at the Reference Desk.  When I came back to my office there was a pile of material on my desk just waiting for me.

The pile on my desk represents the diversity of a public librarian’s life.  There is a book on 19th C. prostitution sitting next to “The Catholic Wold Report” on my desk.  After I went through the pile and made it more manageable, I decided to go on to my e-mail.

In my e-mail was a message from the director of a library in a neighboring town.  I am doing a presentation there on February 7th and she wanted to confirm some details with me and finalize her press release.

I then updated our library blog.  A neighboring county is going to host a traveling exhibit of replica artifacts from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.  Only 40 places throughout the US are going to host this exhibit and this town happens to be one of the lucky few!

We are looking at new a new Checkpoint system and today I went over some quotes for the different systems .

I was running in to some problems trying to find the exact subjects I wanted using our Sirsi system, so I decided to go into the 200s and look for books that would fit into my reading list for The Lost Symbol. I found exactly what I was looking for and some books I want to read just for myself!

I finished the reading list brochure this afternoon and left around 5:02pm.

On a side note, our Big Read materials came in.  This year we are doing My Antonia by Willa Cather.