This is my first year participating in Library Day in the Life.

I got to work at about 9:45am.  On Mondays my shift on the Reference Desk was from 3-6, so I start at 10.

When I walked in the door, I was greeted by books from the delivery.  Our library is co central in our system.  The truck comes on Mondays and Thursdays.  We send out boxes of books/dvds/audio books/CDs to other libraries in the system and we receive ones that our patrons have requested from other libraries in and out of our system.  I have to check the books in before the patrons are called to tell them they are in our library.

After  I was finished with that, I updated the library’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.  I also did a quick search on Twitter to see if there have been any mentions about the library.

I am the head of the Tech Committee and we have been working on a new Wireless Access Policy.  The policy was approved by the Board of Directors last week and I am now working on brochures that we can hand out to those using our wireless network.  Trying to make a policy brochure look appealing to the eye is easier than it sounds.

The librarian on the Reference Desk needed a break.  One of the most popular questions these days at the Reference Desk is “What tax form do I need for…”

After that I went to lunch. On lunch I tend to either read novels or articles.  Today I read an article on Windows 7.  I have offered classes in the past and I want to offer more this year on different computer topics.  I do not have Windows 7 and I am trying to see how different this new OS is from XP and Vista.  I have several computers at home (I am a techie geek) with XP, Vista, OSX (Snow Leopard), and Linux.  I do not have Windows 7 yet and I haven’t been able to play with it, other than at Best Buy while shooing salesmen away ;-).

I have a long commute to work (1 hour and 15 mins).  I use this time to keep up with fiction by listening to audio books.  I am almost finished with The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.  I create read a likes and pathfinders for the library.  My latest idea was to create a list of non fiction resources we have that would pertain to what goes on in The Lost Symbol. When I came back from work, I started to work on that.  I found books on Freemasonry, Rosacrucians, secret societies, and symbology.  I put the list aside at about 2:30pm to go work on holds for about a 1/2 hour before I went on the Reference Desk.

The 3-6 shift on the Reference Desk is always a busy one.  We are near the high school and many students come to the library after school to do their homework, work on the computers, or get tutored.  One of the most interesting reference questions of the day was “What is the conversion rate of Malaysian Ringgit to US Dollar?”

I ended the day by reading an article on the uses of foursquare with the library and I updated the library’s information on Foursquare.

I left work at about 6:20pm.  Tomorrow at 9am it all starts again!